1. Popular Post Widget-Most commented Posts Blogger by Anshul Dudeja

Popular Post Widget i.e Most commented Posts for blogger as is very great widget to show of your posts,which your readers most liked and expressed there love in comments.You will love to use this widget in your blog for sure.It is very easy to install just have to add small bit of javascript codes to your blog sidebar.

2. Popular Posts (Most Commented) Widget for Blogger Blogs by BloggerBuster

Here is a Popular Posts widget for Blogger blogs which displays a list of the ten most commented posts. This works by parsing the last 5000 comments which have been made on your blog; the post titles and URL are extracted and displayed in descending order of popularity, followed by the comment count of this post.

Over the past few weeks, many of you have expressed an interest in such a widget, and I hope this will become a useful widget for you all.

3. Popular Posts Widgets For Blogger – New and Working by Bloggerstop

The previous widget for showing Popular posts (most commented), has been stopped working, so here’s a new code for the widget.

4. Blogger: Most Popular Posts Widget (Google Analytics) by MyOutsourcedBrain

There are several widgets for wordpress to show most popular posts, however, as far as I know, there is no good widget yet for blogger. In my last article, I explained how to set up a blogger widget that shows most popular posts based on feedburner statistics. In this post I explain how to create a widget for your blogger blog that shows most viewed posts based on google analytics statistics. The set up is very similar to the previous widget. A prerequisite is rudimentary knowledge of python. Again the warning: the installation is a little bit more intricate than other widgets on this site. I think anyone, with some patience should be able to do it, however if your computer skills are very limited, don’t try it.

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