Download from Itunes i信是由中兴网信科技有限公司开发的一款基于企业通讯录的即时通讯软件。 包含即时消息、联系人、网络电话、 网络会议、企业移动门户、协调办公室、应用汇等模块,可发送文字、语音、图片、定位消息以及阅后即焚消息,更有企业公众账号功能,定时定向推送公众消息,充分保护企业隐私,提高企业协同能力。 By ZTEICT Technology CO.,Ltd. Download from Itunes

UNUM – Design Your Story

UNUM – Design Your Story

Download from Itunes To the creative, startup, influencer, brand, and digital storyteller, welcome home. You’re in good company. Essential tools to stand out and share your story. Designed beautifully. Designed together. ___________ Features • Online and Offline Support Access UNUM across multiple devices. Design on-the-go. Unlimited accounts • Integrate with Instagram or seamlessly share to […]

Lola’s Math Ship

Lola's Math Ship

Download from Itunes Hop on Board! Lola’s train is now in the harbor and she needs your help for loading all of the train’s goods onto the ship. Can you help Lola? Lola’s Math Ship is another engaging educational game from the Lola Panda™ game series. It begins with simple number games, and graduates to […]

CollagArt – Makeup & Cartoon

CollagArt - Makeup & Cartoon

Download from Itunes With CollagArt , you can turn your ordinary photos to the lively fantastic artworks! Trendy Makeups We use AI technology for intelligent facial analysis, which combines high-tech and beautiful careers to accurately position your facial features and make your makeup more natural. Cute style, dating makeup, cool face……There are various styles that […]

梦想家 – 手机客户端

梦想家 - 手机客户端

Download from Itunes **梦想家将你闲置的iPad变成智能相框。展示家庭照片、旅行足迹,向家人留言,帮助孩子学习。让闲置的设备变成家庭中心,让你随时随地感受家庭的温暖。 怎么玩?仅需两步: 1.在你闲置的iPad上安装梦想家,创建家庭小组,邀请家人加入; 2.将这台iPad简单地立在桌面或挂在墙上; 完成!你获得了一台强大的智能相框。家人只需在iPhone安装梦想家APP,相框将会漂亮地展示家人分享的照片、足迹、留言,让美好的回忆时时刻刻回荡在家中。 By 平板天下开发组 Download from Itunes