Tutorials On ‘How To Create Drag and Drop With jQuery’

We have collected the best tutorial of jquery drag drop from internet. 1. Drag and Drop Example using jQuery JavaScript in HTML Ever tried implementing Drag & Drop feature using JavaScript? Believe me it is quite tough and has lots of cross browser implementation issues. Using jQuery you can create simple Drag & Drop features […]

Idea Informer: Feedback 2.0

The best way to improve a website is to ask its users what should be changed. Unfortunately many webmasters underestimate the significance of customers feedback. Setting up standard contact forms does not seem to be an efficient means of communication with users as they can never know whether their complains or recommendations have been heard. […]

24 Handy Tips For Newbie Ubuntu Users

Ubuntu can be hard, frustrating and confusing for new users. Hope these Ubuntu tips will help newbie users to learn and understand Ubuntu shortcuts easily. 1. Undo all the changes to line – Alt-r – 2. Execute last command in history – !! – 3. Install some more fonts by typing these commands – New […]

35 Worlds Most Popular Blogs Using WordPress Software

1. NASA 2.  Scobleizer 3. Ycorpblog 4. Cssremix 5. Nico Roseberg 6. ebayinkblog 7. Politicalticker.blogs.cnn 8.  About.digg 9.  Blogs.WSJ 10. Sony Electronics Blog 11. Samsung USA News 12. Playstation Blog 13. NYTimes 14. Mozilla Blog 15.  Gigaom 16. About Network Solutions 17.  Webmonkey 18. cnet Download Blog 19.  Ben Jerry Blog 20. Flickr Code Blog 21. […]

6 Best Free Joomla Templates

joomla logo

Joomla is one of the most solid (in terms of security)  and powerful CMS used in all kinds of feilds, Like Auto, Politics and some big business websites. Joomla is really flexible content management system (CMS) with a wide range of Joomla Extensions, Joomla Plugins and Joomla Themes Available. So we decided to make a […]