1. Critical Care On Call By Current Clinical Strategies Publishing

Critical Care On CallCritical Care On Call is an essential guide to evaluation and management of diseases encountered in the critical care unit and intensive care unit. It includes diagnostic evaluation, invasive interventions, and intensive management.

2. Diagnosaurus DDx By Unbound Medicine, Inc.

This quick reference tool helps healthcare professionals perform differential diagnosis with speed and confidence at the point of care. Used by hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, and students across the globe, Diagnosaurus is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch on the award-winning Unbound platform.

Diagnosaurus-DDx--By By Unbound Medicine, Inc

3. Drugs & Medications By Kavapoint LLC

Now with with thousands of drugs and more new features and improvements INCLUDING Online Pill Identifier!!!!! Why buy 2-3 apps when you only need to buy one with the most features!

Drugs & Medications By Kavapoint LLC

4. Drug Trials By FDAble LLC

Search our comprehensive database of over 80,000 clinical trials registered with the US government, easily identifying the clinical trials that are most relevant to the medical needs and interests of you, your patients, or a loved one.

5. Eponyms (for students) By Pascal Pfiffner

Eponyms brings a short description of more than 1’700 common and obscure medical eponyms (e.g., Rovsing’s sign, Virchow’s node) to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. A perfect tool to quickly look up the meaning of any eponym.

6. Epocrates By Epocrates

Epocrates is the #1 mobile drug reference resource used by healthcare providers at the point of care. Trusted for accurate content and innovative offerings, physicians choose Epocrates 3 to 1 as their point of care drug reference of choice.

7. iPharmacy – The Drug and Medication Guide By SigmaPhone LLC

Digital drug identifier with official drug info (indications, dosage, adverse reactions and more) for 10,000+ drugs!
The lowest price for the most comprehensive content from the most reliable resource.

8. ICD 9 By Evan Schoenberg

ICD9 Consult puts the complete, latest 2011 ICD9-CM on your iPhone or iPod Touch for about 1/3 the price of most printed ICD9-CM manuals which are far less convenient.

9. iRadiology By Lieberman’s iRadiology

An invaluable learning tool for medical students and residents with little time to spare, iRadiology allows for quick review of classic radiology cases during rounds or clinical rotations. No internet connection required!

10. Pocket Lab Values By Joefrey Kibuule

Pocket Lab Values is the perfect companion for medical students, residents, doctors, nurses, and other additional medical staff while working in a hospital, lab, or private practice. It provides quick access to common lab values, important clinical information, critical lab values, differential diagnoses, tube colors, useful websites, and easy access to related lab values as well.

11. Pocket Derm By DoNoHarm Apps

Dermatology is an often neglected area in medical education and training. Pocket Derm distills the field to a core group of common skin findings, allowing non-specialists to quickly diagnose dermatologic conditions without a referral or consult.

12. Laboratory Gear Medical ~ Lab Values, Differentials & Symptoms By Med Gears

A Quick pocket tool for Medical Laboratory Tests, LaboratoryGear Medical packs in all that is needed for quick reference in clinical rounds and thus useful for all health care professionals including students.

13. Medical Calculator By MarketWall.com

With more than 250,000 installs worldwide, this is the most popular Medical Calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch.This clinical calculator gives you quick access to calculations that are too hard to memorize or perform in your head. MedCalc supports US and SI units.

14.MedCalc (medical calculator) By Mathias Tschopp & Pascal Pfiffner

MedCalc has been downloaded more than 700’000 times since its iOS beginning, making it one of the most popular medical applications on iPhone.

MedCalc (medical calculator) By Mathias Tschopp & Pascal Pfiffne

15. Medscape By WebMD

THE #1 DOWNLOADED FREE MEDICAL APP IN 2010! Medscape from WebMD is the LARGEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE, FREE medical app available for healthcare professionals (available free for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad).

16. MedPage Today By MedPage Today

MedPage Today Mobile puts breaking medical news and CME/CE credits at your fingertips, with daily coverage of over 30 specialties and annual coverage of over 60 meetings and symposia.

17. Medical Radio By ReachMD

ReachMD MedicalRadio delivers world class medical content directly from ReachMD, the leader in medical education and information for medical professionals. All of the programming is broadcast on their exclusive Sirius-XM satellite radio channel XM 160. ReachMD MedicalRadio provides quality peer-to-peer content available in 15-minute programs that cover a broad range of topics for both general practitioners and specialists.

18. MSK Radiology Teaching File – LITE By Radiopaedia.org

Radiopaedia.org is a free radiology resource written by and for the global radiology community.  Radiopaedia.org provides these Radiology Teaching Files to further your learning, help in preparation for board exams, and as a quick reference. You can squeeze in learning in a few spare minutes no matter where you are.

19. NeuroMind By DigitalNeurosurgeon.com

After circa 35,000 downloads it is time for a major revision. The current version offers a new and improved layout for quick access to the neurosurgeon’s most important scores. Anatomical pictures are provided for explanation to patients and students, and the WHO Safe Surgery checklist is included.

NeuroMind By DigitalNeurosurgeon.com

20. Perfect OB Wheel By Evan Schoenberg

Simple, fast, yet more thorough than any other pregnancy wheel available for the iPhone, Perfect OB Wheel is better than just a replacement for your trusty paper wheel.

By Unbound Medicine, Inc.

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