1.  Moto Chaser By Freeverse, Inc.

Moto Chaser is an all-out pedal to the metal motorcycle race in the palm of your hand!

With turns, jumps, and evil bikers lurking just around the bend.FEATURES:   Thrilling, high-speed action  Fully 3D racing environments  Accelerometer steering that mimics actual motorcycle controls    Touch-screen fighting system

Moto Chaser By Freeverse, Inc

2. Hardcore Dirt Bike By XLab Technologies

Ride your dirt bike with this amazing motocross racing simulator.   Make tricks and wheelies to earn extra-credits to unlock bikes and tracks! Feel the realism of the full 3d OUTDOOR environments with 5 long tracks and 12 bike models coming with different power,grip and brake settings.   Enter the game right from the beginning with the stunning 3d menu replicating the real scene of a race backstage.

Hardcore Dirt Bike By XLab Technologies

3. Moto Racing GP By Darxun Games

‘Moto Racing GP’ is the ultimate sportbike racing experience for the iPhone!  In ‘Moto Racing GP’ you have to race through 4 different tracks and beat the computer racers in order to complete the game.

Moto Racing GP By Darxun Games

4. Motorbike GP By XLab Technologies

Ride your motorbike with this amazing sport bike simulator! Feel the realism of the amazing physics emulation on the 12 bikes and 5 tracks based on real circuits.
Do wheelies to earn extra-credits to unlock bikes and tracks!  The 3 camera views from behind,cockpit and fullscreen will add another 3D effect that completes the feeling of being really there.  Every bike comes with different power,grip and brake settings.  Enter the game right from the beginning with the stunning 3d menu replicating the real scene of a race backstage!

Motorbike GP

5. 2XL Supercross By 2XL Games, Inc.

Bury the competition as you ride like a pro! Discover secret jump combinations within each track as you master the physics of motocross in this high-speed racing adventure.  “2XL Supercross” is an all-new offroad racing experience from the creative team that brought you such popular hits as: Motocross Madness, ATV Offroad Fury and MX Unleashed.

2XL Supercross By 2XL Games, Inc.

6.  Dirt Bike Trials By Mobile App Center

In Dirt Bike Trials you get a chance to test your riding skills on a set of the most dangerous terrains around. You should be very careful as you make your way and avoid crashing or you will lose valuable time. Complete a level to  to proceed to the next and more challenging level. Try to complete all 10 levels in the fastest time possible andt hen post your name and time on the leaderboard for the rest of the world to see.

7. Dirt Moto Racing By Resolution Interactive AB

Dirt Moto Racing will put your ATV riding skills to the ultimate test. Start off with participating in a tour for beginners, race well to unlock new tours, game modes, achievements and tuning points as you climb your way towards the world elite. Collect medals in Career, Time Trial and Freestyle modes by beating opponents, set target times and scores. Events take place in 4 different and beautifully rendered North American locations; British Columbia, Death Valley, Toronto, Florida Keys. Perform stunts, powerslides and wheelies to power your boost. Enable online mode for your profiles and compare your event results with friends all over the world. Download ghosts and challenge the records of other Dirt Moto Racing riders.

8. Giant Moto By Rocket5studios

Fast high-flying motocross action! OpenFeint enabled 17 Leaderboards Over 60 Achievements worth 1000(!) points! 7 Series racing events! 10 challenging tracks! 4 cycle/rider colors Realistic physics engine Awesome sounds and graphics Challenging AI opponents with 3 difficulty settings provides challenge for all ages!

9. Dirt Bike Xtreme By Mobile App Center

Dirt Bike Xtreme is an action game that pulls you into its addictive game play. Ride your motorcycle through each level by using the touch screen and accelerometer to achieve just the right combination of speed and balance needed to get over a series of obstacles in each level. You will be challenged by many different obstacles in the form of ramps, dips, bumps, hills, cliffs, and whoopty-doo’s.

10. Downhill Mountain Biking By Apposing

Ride as current world downhill mountain biking champion Steve Peat on his home track of Wharncliffe, Sheffield in this unique 3D gaming experience allowing you to customise game-play by accessing Steve Peat’s virtual bike shop to buy the latest track additions, new real-life riders, awesome bikes, trick kit and much more!

11. Bike Rider2 By Spicysoft Corp.

This is the Crazy Mobile Bike Race game that has exceeded 10 million blockbuster DL.  you ride the bike and trying to jump over the wall, bad roads and valleys.
Don’t be overtaken by competitors come running from behind! It’s so simple UI.  Just push the jump button to jump on the screen.



A “keirin” bike racing game produced by SPEED CHANNEL broadcasting keirin-races on “SKY PerfecTV!” of Japan has appeared for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!  Go in for a race after picking one of three different types of racer: speedy, high-stamina, or all-rounder.  With easy operation 2 button controls, Aim for the win by making use of handy items you will find in the courses.

13. Space Bikers By Chillingo Ltd

Space Bikers is a 3D Platform Bike Simulation game in an enlarged world! Your Space Biker has crash landed on Earth and it’s your job to help get them back home to space!  Guide your miniature character through various obstacles and puzzles to collect the parts for your damaged Spaceship. Space Bikers uses an advanced physics engine to maneuver your bike through the detailed levels you encounter, all with a country style music tracks to ride to! Watch the story unfold – will your Space Biker make it home?

14. Motocross By Synium Software GmbH

Motocross Season started December 2008 for iPod touch and iPhone owners – the exciting Motocross Racing Game was released! So what could possibly be more exciting than speeding down that race track on the hunt for record lap times? Enter the real people competition! The brand new Motocross Multiplayer introduces the multiplayer mode, letting you race not only against the clock but real life players as well. Setting up that multiplayer network is easy: you need a wireless LAN (e.g. Airport Express). Start a multiplayer session in Motocross Mulitplayer and wait for everyone else in the room to join the game.

15. Xtreme Sports: Biker By DirtyEdge

A finalist for the 2010 Appsfire awards, Xtreme Sports: Biker takes you on a first-person 3D thrill ride that will test your skill, balance and your thirst for adrenaline. Xtreme Sports: Biker – the race is on. Built on Open Feint Technology, Xtreme Sports: Biker contains 20 achievements, which you can unlock and post on Facebook. Race to set a World Record time and post. Impress your friends. Embarrass your rivals. Hit the trails and see who prevails.

16. Red Bull X-Fighters Lite By I-play

With Red Bull X-Fighters, fans of motorsports and bike stunts are in for a treat. The Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross (FMX) series has established itself as the world’s leading FMX event which sees the best riders of the world pull off jaw-dropping tricks at heights of up to 40ft in the air. With Red Bull X-Fighters for iPhone and iPod Touch, you can now experience the thrill and excitement of the series in the palm of your hand.

Red Bull X-Fighters Lite By I-play

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