1. A Chutes and Ladders Dice board Game By ITIWA Chutes and Ladders Dice board game By ITIW

Chutes and Ladders Dice board game is a multilevel board game which you play against the device or with your friends.

There are SIX levels to unlock and explore. First play the “Fun in the park” level and as a reward unlock the next level “The African Safari”. Then explore further and discover the ultimate “Climb and Slide”. Also THREE new secret levels added with October 2 update. Once you explore SIX levels, the levels will be automatically accessible next time you run the App.

2. Touch Boards for iPad Classic Board Games By JTRIBE HOLDINGS PTY LTD

The basic idea is to grab a friend and play the board games TOGETHER. Touch Board gives the boards and the pieces.Yes, you need a second person to play. No playing against the computer here!

Instructions about the games explain how to play Chess, Go or Checkers.

Now you can take your classic box of board games with you on the road, to the park, or play it at home with family and friends. No lost pieces. No mess after the car has hit a pot whole.

Touch Boards for iPad Classic Board Games By JTRIBE HOLDINGS PTY LTD

3. Ludo – Board Game Club HD By Playfrog

Ludo,sa very classic board games for ipad touches, is the most popular board game in the west county. It will definitely bring you’re the most fun, it is a game for all age levels, and it is the best choice for time killing.
The object of the game is to move the four tokens to the final allocated position before your opponent can do likewise the player. Shake the dice.

4.  Chess – Board Game Club HD By Playfrog

Chess is the best designed chess game for iPad touches. There are three levels of AI skill from beginner to master. If you like strategic board games, you should try Chess. Compete against your friends or the computer to get the best score! Three integrated AI levels (beginner, expert and master) let you enjoy the game as well as improve your skills. Chess is a very intelligent and addictive game.

5. Ancient Game of GO By Vectorform

The Ancient Game of GO originated in China more than 2,500 years ago and continues to be a very popular pastime. The premise of GO is simple, capture more territory on the game board than your opponent by surrounding their respective stone chips with yours, thus scoring more points. Because of the various game board sizes and options, no single game of GO will ever be the same. There are many more move combinations than in Chess. Strategy in GO is difficult but rewarding, and it will surely challenge your mind.

Ancient Game of GO By Vectorform

6. Hexchequer Board Game – iPad Version By Hicaduda

Hexchequer is fun variant of the classic game checkers. With Hicaduda’s new Hexchequer you can play this cool, new game from the comfort of your iPad. You can choose from six great backgrounds, that’s two more than iPhone, and with the giant display, you will forget it’s your iPad! Enjoy

7. THE GAME OF LIFE™ for iPad By Electronic Arts

LIFE’S A PARTY ON iPAD™! Get family and friends together for PARTY PLAY – ONLY WITH iPAD – and make it a game night! Enjoy the all-time favorite board game in a whole new way with enhanced HD-quality graphics, plus new interactive and custom features. Live THE GAME OF LIFE to the fullest on iPad!

THE GAME OF LIFE™ for iPad By Electronic Arts

8. All-in-1 Board Games By SoHoBros.com

All-in-1 Board Games include Chess, Checkers (a.k.a English Draughts), Connect 4, Reversi (a.k.a Othello), Chinese Chess, Gomoku (a.k.a Five-in-a-Row), Tic-tac-toe, Chinese Checkers, Kalah (a.k.a Kalaha or Mancala), and Banqi (a.k.a Half Chess).

9. Small World for iPad By Days Of Wonder, Inc.

Based on the phenomenally successful Small World fantasy board game with over 65,000 copies sold!

Take control of insanely fun fantasy race & special power combos, such as berserk hobbits, triton merchants, alchemist ratmen and dragon-master amazons to grab all the land you can in a world that is just too small to share with your opponents!

Small World for iPad By Days Of Wonder, Inc.

10. Reversi – Board Game Club HD By Playfrog

Reversi is the classic board game for ipad touches, three AI levels( beginner, expert and master) let you get matched up against others of you skill level anytime. Reversi supports 2 players gameplay, so you can play against friends or against the challenging computer.

11. Checkers – Board Game Club HD By Playfrog

Checkers, also known as Draughts, is a challenging and fun board game. Checkers supports both 1 and 2 player gameplay, so you can play against your friends or test your skills against a challenging computer opponent. 3 AI levels of gameplay (beginner, expert, master) lets you keep having fun as you improve your game. Checkers is the classic game for the ipad touches

12. Board Games – All in One By Anuman

Best board games on your iPad !

Transform your iPad into a complete collection of some of the most well known and fun board games…then get ready to challenge your friends!

As in a real board game, the app only contains the boards and the pieces that you can move as you want and play with your own rules, with your familly and friends only !

13. Chess (HD) By SoHoBros.com

Chess is one of the most popular strategic games. Now it is re-built beautifully in your iPad.
Chess HD features:  – Quick computer A.I. response time  – Beautifully designed chess board and pieces – Animated moves  – 5 difficulty levels for novice to expertsBoard Games - Spielekiste By IntelligentMobiles

14. Board Games – Spielekiste By IntelligentMobiles

Backgammon, Checkers, Nine Men’s Morris.
Play on a beautiful crafted wooden board against your family and friends.

A Chutes and Ladders Dice board game


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  1. Have you made any research before publishing this ??? I mean, sure, Backgammon and Chess are great, but this is definitely not the kind of answer anyone would look for when searching for good board games on iPad (who needs to be told that there are chess games on iPad ?)
    What about Settlers of Catane, what about Carcassonne ? What about adaptation of Reiner Knizia games, are they any good ? Which is the better adaptation of Risk ? Should we purchase the official one or go with one free, but unofficial ?
    This is worthless advertising, for apps that don’t get such great reviews by the way, nothing more…

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