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Discover new gospel music via 12LIKES. This playlist exists out of 12 songs and will be refreshed every week! That’s why you’ve got plenty of reason to keep entering. 12LIKES also gives you the opportunity to sing along with the songs.

How it Works

After downloading and entering, you’ll immediately hear the first song on our playlist. If you like it, just let it play. When it’s over, it’ll automatically go to the next song. If you don’t like it, just press the forward button on the player and hear something else. It’s also possible to stream the music to speakers, via the AirPlay button.

We don’t support illegal downloading, so if you like a song, you can buy it, tweet about it and like it on Facebook — or just listen!

* 12LIKES is author-licensed by Buma/Stemra.


Download from Itunes

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