1. Minimal Swiss Design by BloggerBuster

Minimal Swiss Design is a simple CSS-based theme which uses no external JavaScript and loads swiftly in the browser.

It features a three column layout with two narrow sidebars which are ideally suited to Picture gadgets for display of visual portfolio items and is wholly compatible with the Blogger template designer for customization of backgrounds, colours and fonts.

2. Germaniumify by Padd Solutions

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3. Desk by nearfrog

Desk is a 2 column Blogger Theme based on a desk with lined paper and a wooden background.

4. Heliumified by Padd Solutions

5. Food Recipe

6. Clean Blog

7. Simplo


  • Social Bookmarking Links
  • Widgetized Menu
  • 6 Color Styles

8. Postage

9. The Essayist

The Essayist is a classy, light theme that is suitable for all kind of blogs.

10. Tribune

Two-column ‘Roman’ theme in very soft colors of white and sand. Content softly accented by nice borders and slightly smudge backgrounds, creating a old-looking and beautiful theme that would make any true Roman proud.

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