Traveling season is upon us and we hope many of our readers will be doing some sort of traveling soon.
And your Apple mobile phone or tablet will of course be close on all these trips. So we have put together great list of applications you can use while traveling or planing your holidays. If you know any other killer apps for holidays and traveling – let us know!

FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata

Be a smart traveler and have this app by your side. FlightTrack Pro will give you beautiful detailed maps within a user-friendly interface that informs you about your flight status. This app will get you updated and informed on delays, cancellations, and other flight issues on over 16,000 airports around the globe in real-time!

Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Phrasebooks, and maps

You might already be familiar with Lonely Planet. TV-shows, books, and mobile applications are just some of the mediums Lonely Planet uses to share invaluable information on the world around us. This application comes with free lite version travel guides of 40+ cities around the world. If you want more concrete guides, you will have to purchase them in-app.

Packing Pro

This app may just save you from forgetting that extra shirt you should’ve brought for the week-long vacation. Packing Pro includes reminders and checklists – Packing Lists for you to never ever forget a single thing for your most awaited trip. Don’t know what to bring for a specific kind of trip? This app includes sample packing lists for business, family, and camping!

HearPlanet: Audio Guide to the World

The winner of Best Mobile Business at Launch: Silicon Valley 2009. Type in your location or in a place in particular and hear all about it. This app is all about info – 250,000+ locations around the world have been audio recorded.

TripIt – Travel Organizer

It’s a travel assistant, an organizer, and it can become your savior when it comes to planning a trip, looking for places to stay, or looking for the best pig-out spot on the dot.

myLanguage Translator Pro

myLanguage Translator Pro is probably one of the best, if not, the best translator on the App Store. Why? Because it translates 59 languages; 20 of the languages comes with audio translations. It’s a pretty handy tool especially if you are a tourist or a person learning a new language.


Book your hotel, know your flight status, search a ride for the trip, and be on time. KAYAK is free but only the pro version of KAYAK includes terminal maps.


Find the hottest clubs around, your dream job, the best place to go shopping, or your soul-mate – Find them all on +Craigslist+


Use your iDevice’s GPS to locate the nearest Hotel, Restaurant, School, Library, Mall, Hospital, Gasoline Station, or hangout spots on the map. Simple, accurate, and convenient.


Need info on businesses around you? Yelp can give you heaps of help. Be informed on the needs-to-know about a place; such as general info and personal reviews by tourists and locals. The app will also allow you to make reservations on restaurants, pubs, or theaters.

WIKITUDE Augmented Reality Browser

For those who are not familiar with “Augmented reality,” the term can be defined as a way of viewing reality with alterations or added modifications. In this app, you can view the real world with tags and info floating on top of them. It would be like living on a Google Maps world. Check it out, it’s free to download.

EveryTrail Pro

EveryTrail Pro is an interactive app that utilizes Google Maps to track your hiking, biking, or driving trips. Share with your family and friends the path you ventured on, as you show them the videos and pictures you took along the trail.


Shake your iPhone to let the app decide a restaurant for you nearby, or choose from a list of places to dine. You can make reservations and even look for info such as reviews from food critics on that restaurant that have always made you curious. This free app only covers areas in the USA, Canada, and Metropolitan areas of the UK and Australia.

eCurrency – Currency Converter

Convert over 190 currencies. The great thing about this app is that it can be used without an internet connection and it even allows you to create custom rates.

Rick Steves’ Audio Europe™

Let Rick Steves guide you on your trip to Europe. View maps and gain knowledge on the history and heritage of the famous landmarks of Europe.

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