6 Torrent Guides – Everything You Need To Know About Torrents

1. The FREE Torrent Guide By MakeUseOfThe FREE Torrent Guide torrentpdf screenshot

There are tons of ways to download files and there is no doubt that BitTorrent is the most popular and fastest way to download what you want.

Although it’s fairly simple to use many people experience difficulties at the start. Even those that would call themselves ‘advanced users’ often don’t know even half of what’s possible.

MakeUseOf proudly presents to you The FREE Torrent Guide for everyone. All you think you should know, and more.

In 28 illustrated pages, the MakeUseOf author Saikat Basu takes newcomers by the hand and guides them in their first steps. Towards the end the guide presents some very cool tricks so that more experienced users get their fair share of info as well.

2.  A Beginner’s Guide to BitTorrent By uTorrent

BitTorrent (often abbreviated to ‘BT’) is a protocol that allows you to download files quickly and efficiently. It is a peer to peer protocol, which means you download and upload to other people downloading the same file. BitTorrent is often used for distribution of very large files, very popular files and files available for free, as it is a cheap, fast, efficient way to distribute files to users like you.

3. Complete Torrent Lingo Guide (Understanding Torrent Terminology) By Technofriends.in

This article will walk you through the terminology around .torrent files, peers, leechers, seeders, sharing ratio or rating, re-seeding, swarm, trackers as collectively referred in the Torrent world.

4. A beginner’s guide to BitTorrent By LifeHacker

This is the guide you can send to your friend next time he gets that glassy look in his eyes when you mention BitTorrent and how quick and easy it makes downloading albums educational, public domain videos and other large files. Without going into too much detail, here’s a crash course in the file sharing protocol that is BitTorrent (feel free to skip to the How to find and download a file with BitTorrent section if you’re not all that interested in the details).

5. Torrent Guide By TorrentGuide.com

torrent-guides-for-newbie-users & Pros

6. Brian’s BitTorrent FAQ and Guide

If you are new to BitTorrent, this site should help clear up a lot of commonly asked questions.

If you guys know any updated guides, then please let us know. Feel free to drop your comments

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